Aloha, Creatrix...

✨ Have you enjoyed playing with oracle cards for guidance, fun or affirmation in the past?
✨ Do you desire to fine-tune your ability to access the Wisdom that lives within you?

✨ Are you ready to let go of dependance on external validation and Trust the Guru within?
✨ Does the idea of creating your own handmade Oracle Deck of cards light you up?

YOU; ORACLE!: An Intentional Creativity™ Oracle Deck Workshop

Harness the Power of your Inner Oracle and Source Guidance from Within with Dewi Maile Lim of New Earth Luminary.

"I so love my deck of cards I created from your workshop. They are so powerful. I might like them better than all of my decks!" - Monica Maria Aparicio, 5D Intuitive Mentor & Master Teacher

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    Dewi Maile Lim

    Artist, Spiritual Life and Business Coach & Founder of New Earth Luminary

    Greetings, Sistah!

    My name is Dewi (pronounced Day-we) and I'm on a mission to support New Earth Visionary Women with the tools, resources and collaborative community required to Co-Create the experience of Heaven on Earth, now. I'm the Founder of New Earth Sisterhood and Sovereign Creatrix, my Membership Club for New Earth Luminary Women. I'm passionate about the intersection of Business, Collaboration, Creativity, Consciousness Expansion and Personal and Planetary Sovereignty. I am born and raised on Moku o Keawe, Hawaii Island and reside in my hometown of Hilo. I honor the Kanaka Maoli people and the people of Lemuria and Mu as well as unnamed others who have inhabited and cared for this aina for millenia before me.

    Ready to Play?

    If you're feeling this so far, I know you're here to Birth the New Earth and the Golden Age of the Miraculous! It's time to quit dimming your Light and go for this Vision of yours that just won't go away! It's my life's work supporting women to deliver on their Dreams in support of Humanity's Awakening. Our accomplishing this Mission has everything to do with each of us being in Alignment with our Sovereign, Creative Power as individuals while also tapping into the Frequency of Unity Consciousness. If you're curious and feel open to connecting, I invite you to join my community. I can't do this alone! Your full Presence is requested and your Gifts are welcome and needed now. Let's do this!